Well-being and Support


We intended for this area of our website to have various charities offering specialist support services to Mortgage Prisoners, but what we have found during our search, is that some very well-known charities are funded by the very institutions (i.e. banks) that are holding us as Mortgage Prisoners and causing us harm. Perhaps it is unsurprising that many of these charities form close working relationships with banking organisations as a major source of income, via large-scale donations. There would be a conflict of interest with their funders if they chose to align themselves with our campaign. So, for now, please bear with us whilst we endeavour to find credible sources of support that do not conflict with our own core values.

One idea we are currently considering (although this is very much in the early stages), is to set up our own organisation to offer a range of support services to Mortgage Prisoners. If this concept becomes viable, we will aim to provide a regulated financial mortgage product at a low fixed rate of interest to all Mortgage Prisoners and also offer personalised well-being support for mental health. This is our aim, and we are working tirelessly to get the support so desperately needed for all of us.  

We will of course, keep this site updated with new developments as they happen, so please keep checking in to update yourselves.

Best wishes

Rachel Neale

Lead Campaigner for UK Mortgage Prisoners