The UK Mortgage Prisoners Action Group would like to thank the BBC and the Rip Off Britain team for highlighting the harm to thousands of families, caused by the sale of mortgages to inactive lenders and unregulated debt collection administration companies (commonly known as “vulture funds”). The FCA recently reported that there had been little appetite from lenders to use the modified affordability assessment, that could be applied by lenders for new borrowing. UK Finance also responded to the FCA report by calling on the Government to act to help mortgage prisoners. The regulator has now gone as far as it can without Government intervention. The APPG on Fair Business Banking responded with similar concerns, calling on the Government to act, and slamming vulture funds for profiteering from mortgage prisoners and lenders for failing to apply the new rules. UK Mortgage Prisoners compiled a report for the FCA which details the daily impact of living as a mortgage prisoner, the impact on their mental health and the financial hardships suffered over the last decade, with no end in sight. We now urge the Government to step in as a matter of urgency to prevent any future sales to unregulated and inactive entities. We are asking the Government to implement legislative changes that will make it mandatory for all active mortgage lenders to fully adopt the modified relative test.