It has been sixteen months since the Panorama programme ‘Trapped by my Mortgage’ aired in October 2018. Since this time, UK Mortgage Prisoners has organised into a well-established action group for change. We have brought to life the people behind the numbers, the lived experience of a mortgage prisoner, and the devastating impact this has had on many of our lives. We have gained the sympathetic ear of the press, financial institutions and unsung heroes who have worked behind the scenes, providing invaluable support to free all mortgage prisoners. The FCA has gone to great lengths to develop a framework to ensure mortgage prisoners are treated fairly by banks and ‘lenders’, while simultaneously acknowledging that these efforts will not go far enough and leaves too many vulnerable borrowers behind. The FCA has called on the Government to extend the regulatory perimeter so that those trapped on the books of inactive and/or unregulated lenders can be helped. John Glen, the Economic Secretary to the Treasury, has publicly stated that he is open to this idea. UK Mortgage Prisoners is now calling on the Government to follow through on this statement so that all borrowers in the UK are subject to, and protected by, the same mortgage regulations and not left to the whim of unregulated entities. Additionally, as part of our campaign, we will be requesting that the Government adopt the ‘Fair Mortgage Bill’ which will legislate for fair rates, fair treatment and an end to the culture of selling British mortgages to vulture funds.