It has been an eventful week for the UK Mortgage Prisoners team. Last week started off with the launch of ‘One Year On’ campaign. By the end of the week (Saturday, when phone lines were closed) many members took to the facebook group to say they had received a letter from NRAM telling them their mortgages and/or loans had been sold to Heliodor Mortgages. To say that this has created severe distress and anxiety is an understatement. The beginning of this week has been no less stressful. The FCA (without prior notice) announced the publication of the final new rules to ‘help’ mortgage prisoners. You can read our official response to these voluntary rules on our ‘news’ section.

Today UK Mortgage Prisoners are announcing that they have instructed London law firm, Harcus Parker, to work on all mortgage prisoner-related issues. Details of the firm are located at the bottom of this page for any mortgage prisoners who may want to make themselves known to the firm and register an interest with them.

In the meantime, and following the recent news of the sale of NRAM/UKAR portfolio of mortgages to Heliodor, Harcus Parker, wrote to lead campaigner, Rachel Neale, to express their concerns about Heliodor’s acquisition of this portfolio. The firm has also now written to Heliodor and NRAM/UKAR to relay these concerns and ascertain information on the sale and treatment of customers. With permission, we have attached the letter addressed to Rachel and a copy of the letters sent to the respective mortgage providers.

For further advice, please contact Damon Parker at:

Harcus Parker

7th Floor Melbourne House

44-46 Aldwych WC2B 4LL


Direct line: +44 (0) 20 39953900







Harcus Parker on NRAM/UKAR sale to Heliodor Mortgages