‘Warren’s views on being a mortgage prisoner still ‘One Year On’


Trapped in a mortgage it’s just as it sounds.
Literally mortgage prisoners paying too many pounds.
Our initial loan was sold to a vulture fund with no borrowing or loans.
They can charge what they want in-spite of our moans.

A debt collection agency no more than that if truth be told.
The vultures are greedy and their hearts are cold.
Approximately two hundred thousand families are trapped in this way.
Paying about twice the interest rates that high street borrowers pay.
About four thousand pounds a year on average paid over the top.
The law has to change this unscrupulous practice has to stop.

The bankers have caused havoc recently its what we expect from the banking culture.
But they’ve taken us for a ride too far these money grabbing vultures.
They tell us we can’t borrow any more as our circumstances have altered.
It’s the banks that have moved the gold posts , not us that faltered.

Research mortgage prisoners if you’ve got a spare half hour.
I can guarantee after reading the facts it will leave a taste most sour.
Time to lobby the politicians and make them see sense.
To wipe out this unfair practice, they can’t have much defence.
Time to support the people and not the banks and their greed.
Just a bit of fair common sense is all that we now need.