UK Mortgage Prisoners Sponsors

Crowdfunder & Private Donation

Back in March of 2019 Joined Up Think ran a Crowdfunder, for and on behalf of the UK Mortgage Prisoners around the UK. The funds raised helped to build and host this website. They also contributed to the design of the logo and various other projects.

The UK Mortgage Prisoner movement has attracted a lot of attention. This page is specifically for a few notable individuals, and organisations who pledged for Website sponsorship rewards.

The UK Mortgage prisoners are forever grateful to these wonderful people.

Main Sponsorship Reward: OOSH Digital Agency is a small selective digital agency run by brothers Alan and Scott Simpson working with a few selective clients to generate leads for businesses and get them as near as possible to the Top of Google Search. work with clients such as flyinghomes, and, all property focused companies.

They also help victims of bank fraud, like and Mortgage Prisoners, the former with web and social media, (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin) to run positive or negative ‘influencer campaigns’ dependant on customers requirements.

Scott and Alan know that ‘hopelessness’ and ‘despair’ are what predatory bank’s feed on, to crush their victims with the constant onslaught of legal proceedings and unlimited resources at their disposal. But rest assured, help is at hand and justice will prevail.

Both their families are also heavily involved in the mental health sector, Scott’s wife has a successful counselling practice and Alan’s daughter has just launched her own mental health practice too, so we know the impact that financial torture can have on individuals and families.

Together we are stronger working with victim groups such as CYBGRSG, Mortgage Prisoners, SME Alliance, ‘some’ supportive MPs and the cross party APPG for SME Banking.

Alan and Scott can only take on so much unpaid work through, but contact us if you have any sort of Web or Social Media project or ‘problem’ you’d like to discuss, we’ll do it for free if we can or for a fair price if we can’t.

Alan and Scott Simpson

Secondary sponsorship Reward:
John Whyte. The Right Equity Release Co.

John Whyte is an independent later in life, Mortgage and Equity Release Specialist. He is an experienced adviser of over 20 years, covering London and the South Of England.

John became aware of the UK Mortgage Prisoners via their social media activity.

Please note:

There is no financial arrangement between either Alan & Scott Simpson, or John Whyte & the managers of this website.

UK Mortgage Prisoners, and indeed anyone seeking information in relation to financial matters should do so independently. There is no recommendation of services implied or given through the inclusion of any business featured on the pages of this site. This page is for transparency, and designed purely to say thank you to those who donated.

Please take independent financial and legal advice before committing to any course of action. UK Mortgage Prisoners and Joined Up Think are not qualified to offer any advice on these matters.