Mortgage Prisoner stories

My Mortgage Prisoner Story-By Graham M

Graham is among the many members to submit an open, and in places, harrowing account of the Mental Health issues he has suffered. This article contains opinions and experiences that are from Grahams Perspective. Legally we have to remind you that all statements and observations are entirely his own. The Website and its curators are not responsible for the content, and we may not have shared the exact same experience ourselves. As the editor of the piece, Sean Holland would like to say that he personally agrees with every statement and word. That he can totally identify with everything, Graham has said and that Graham is not alone. This situation is more common than those in power would like to think. CONTAINS SOME DISTURBING AND TRIGGER MATERIAL

Mortgage Prisoner stories

The Robart Family

As the plight of Mortgage Prisoners gains momentum with the world at large, we are hearing more stories from those affected. Not everyone has suffered at the hands of the same lender. Not everyone has been subject to traumatic circumstances in their life which have exacerbated the problem. In fact, some people were just with the wrong lender at the wrong time. The results of bad timing are no less severe though…

Meet the Robart family:

Mortgage Prisoner stories

Jayne’s Story

As the plight of the Uk Mortgage Prisoners becomes more widely known, we aim to provide a platform for those who wish to share their truth. The stories are often painful. They reflect the lives of those unfairly treated by people intent only on making a profit. The human cost of this scandal is only just coming to light. Mental health, suicide, and broken families are not uncommon. How was it allowed to get to this? Why did no one stand up for those who became trapped by their finance deals? What led senior government officials to put profit over peoples well being? We hope to have answers to all of these questions. We are fighting to stop these things from happening again. In the meantime, we salute the bravery of those willing to share their story openly. Please show your support and share these on your social media. We welcome positive engagement from everyone.