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    COVID-19 Crisis – Steps to Follow if you need help with your Mortgage Payments:


    Contact your Mortgage Company

    1. Ask if the current Bank of England rate reductions will be reflected on your mortgage rate and, if yes, ask from what date this will happen
    2. Ask for a Mortgage Payment Holiday for three months:
    • Refer them to the recent FCA & UK Finance guidelines (links below)



    • If they refuse your application for a payment holiday, ask for the reason why and request that they put it in writing and send to you either by email or post
    • Also request a recording of the telephone conversation as per your right under the Data Protection Act 1998



    Contact your MP

    This is an opportunity for your MP to understand that, whilst this crisis is causing so many financial problems, Mortgage Prisoners have actually been stuck in this financial misery for over a decade. You can also explain your personal experience of dealing with your Mortgage company when asking for help/support.

    (Who is my MP website)

    If you would like a template to contact your MP, you can do to the Documents Library on this website. Please note, you will first have to register with UK Mortgage Prisoners to obtain a password for the private forums and to access the templates in the library. 

    Update the group (UK Mortgage Prisoners)

    • Inform us about any responses you get – good or bad. You can email us here

    I presume we can also post on here to share our experiences. I called them before it was made mandatory, I was given the holiday but had to go through as full expenditure before they agreed it, I’m with Landmark.


    Would be interesting to know if others are still being expected to go through income and expenditure!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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